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Malang is the second largest city in East Java. It has a history dating back to the Singhasari. During the period of Dutch colonization, it was a popular destination for European residents. The city is well known for its mild climate. People in East Java sometimes call it "Paris of East Java."

There are some populer tourist destination in Malang City

•    Secret Zoo
In this place, you can see a zoo with concept that has never existed before. The visitors can see various collections of animals that are placed in glass cage surround with cliffy rock. This interesting concept is capable to attract children and parents can teach them about the animal in a fun way.

•    Batu Night Spectacular
Located in Batu district, Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) is one of the most famous recreational sites in Malang, particularly at night. In this place, visitors can enjoy the beauty of night scenery in Malang with various decorative lights and enjoy challenging rides. There is also night market where you can buy unique handicraft of Malang.

•    Balekambang Beach
Looking at its contour and shape, Balekambang Beach’s contour has similar shape with Tanah Lot beach in Bali, particularly with the existence of temple above the rock in the middle of the sea. Located in southern part of Malang city, Balekambang beach is the favorite place of local people to relax.

•    Sumber Pitu Waterfall
Located in Duwet Krajan village, this place allows you to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of seven – yes, seven – waterfalls at once. According to legend, the waterfalls have magical power and sacred by the local people.

  •    Jatim Park
Jawa Timur Park or more often known as Jatim Park is a well-known theme park in Malang that offers various rides, and entertainments. There are pools, science stadium, 3D theatre, Go kart area, and many more. Located in city center of Malang, Jatim Park makes a great place for children to play and learn.

•    Eco Green Park
Eco green park is built specially as education facility for children, loaded with educational value where they can learn about various things in this place. Family can visit this place during holiday, where they can enjoy mini zoo, have jungle adventure, geology science center, animal farm, duck kingdom, eco science center, and many more.

•    Angkut Museum
Angkut is the word of transportation in Javanese. Angkut museum is the right tourist destination where you can learn about the history of transportation and its development around the world. There is huge collection of transportation types, divided in 10 different country zones.

•    Coban Rondo
Coban rondo is the next gorgeous waterfall located in Pandansari village that hides beautiful paradise. To reach the place, you must drive 12 km from Batu district, walk down the stairs, and enjoy the cool, green, and relaxing atmosphere of the waterfall.

Malang offers various great tourist destinations because the city has so many attractions to enjoy. Apart from entertainment theme park, there are also educational places, museum, and natural attractions that will delight your holiday.


1. Where is Malang City located
a. West Java
b. East Java
c. South Kalimantan
d. North Sumatra
e. Central java

2. How far between Coban Rondo and Batu District
a. 50 km
b. 35 km
c. 17 km
d. 20 km
e. 12 km

3. How many country zone in Angkut Museum 
a. 13
b. 5
c. 10
d. 7
e. 11

4. What name people of east java usually use to call malang city
a. Paris Of

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